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The SpineFilm mission is to focus on the memories you want to protect, or the image you want to project. The aim is to be an accessible and personalised service that meets common video or photography needs. SpineFilm will treat you as an individual and give you fair terms. You can contact SpineFilm now with the email form to get video or pictures. Prefer to talk? Please just include your number in the message.

films by SpineFilm

SpineFilm is a micro-studio that produced a series of short films in 2016. The most successful of these was:

The Devil's Command

An underdog story about courage, resolve, and self‐sacrifice. It was accepted into six festivals, reaching a semi‐final, and receiving one award. It is a supernatural thriller that was shot with two Mini-DV camcorders and (shocker) without a budget.

pictures by SpineFilm

The service is located near Holt, Norfolk.


Entertainers, actors, models, or anyone who needs to create an impression can get headshots, full‐length photos, or other promotional shots.


Capture personalities or preserve memories with portraiture. Families, couples, colleagues, clubs, and groups in the setting of your choice.


A service for private sellers, estate agents, accommodation providers, and others with land or buildings to photograph. Exterior and interior.


Describe the quality of your handicrafts, artwork, mass‐produced goods, food dishes, trade projects, and other creations with accurate images.


Browse a gallery of images for all purposes. Whether it is for decoration or editorial, get a high quality version.

seven reasons to use SpineFilm

Sometimes capturing video and images can be easier with a little help. Our experience goes back so far that some of the sample images used on this site were scanned from film negatives! There are at least seven reasons to use the SpineFilm professional videography and photography service:

  1. Time. Do you have other things to do? Is there limited time to get the desired result? Delegation works.
  2. Experience. Some things can be tricky to capture. Familiarity with lighting can make a big difference?
  3. Participation. Are you going to be in the frame? Let us worry about the camera so you can enjoy the moment.
  4. Objectivity. Is it possible to be too close to something? Bring a different point of view to your subject.
  5. Equipment. You might have a great camera but do you have appropriate lighting for the actual situation?
  6. 2 for 1. It is always a case of colour and black and white with SpineFilm. Get both for the same price.
  7. Discounts. Are you a nurse, or a student? Get up to 20 percent off all services when you produce your card.


All images are transferred digitally with email, cloud services, or pen drives. Arranging for your own prints gives you more choice.

Many types of work can be considered. Please seek an alternative service for one‐time events and specialist services (like weddings, or underwater photography). You will be advised quickly if it is not possible to help.

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