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freedom of speech, liberty to listen

In September 2005 a Danish newspaper published a number of cartoons featuring the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The publication was then blamed for a series of Muslim protests around the globe. At one of these in London a demonstrator could be seen waving a placard with the words "down with free speech". The magnitude of the irony still produces convulsive disbelief, but more incredible is that similar signs are being waved in the United States right now. The Americans doing the waving will probably be equally enthusiastic to gradually vote away their democracy. That free speech is balanced by an individual's choice about what he or she subscribes to is of little consolation to them. The right to voice a counter-argument is also small comfort. In fact, a dialectic started by debate is a problem for them. The people who exercise the freedom of critical listening are an imposing obstacle to slogan chanting, banner waving minorities. The ambition of the latter is to be heard and instantaneously obeyed. Messages that conceal an agenda must be constantly shouted. Truths, on the other hand, can be self-evident. Is it the loud majority?

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