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meeting your heroes

While meeting anyone may turn out to be a bad idea, in the case of whether it's wise to meet your heroes the jury is definitely out. Some might think it vulgar. Others will risk disappointment in the interests of aligning expectations. With that caveat in mind, three audio excepts from interviews with big name directors have been added to the site. These are intended to serve as virtual meetings. In the first one David Lynch talks about visiting Federico Fellini. The interviewer reminds Lynch that he has not made a movie during the autumn of his career, and nor did the late Italian auteur. Instead Lynch has been busy going door-to-door telling everyone how to generate ideas from infinite consciousness. Looks like he is still the pre-eminent exponent of creating what Mike Figgis calls the unreality of reality. On the second track Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas talk about being new filmmakers. It's difficult to believe they were ever that young. During the last and longest recording Fritz Lang talks to William Friedkin about his meeting with Goebbels, his dislike of producers, and not having final cut on M. The parts where he talks about wearing a monocle and having a butler have been omitted. At least he seems to have been aware of how people perceived him. Listen to the tracks: Post #007 Link

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