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the seminal lie

Cultures can be based on one big defining lie. All the ancillary lies that jointly constitute a system of social control mutate from it. By the time the lies metastasise into the culture they are invisible. They become synonymous with virtues and truth in a twisted parody of reason. One core deception is constitutional monarchy. If people are comfortable believing that a democracy can have an unelected head of state and still be fit for purpose they will subscribe comprehensively to all the derivative contradictory nonsense. The monarch's reserve powers, an unelected chamber in Westminster, an hereditary aristocracy, an unwritten constitution, a ruling class, Eton, Harrow, Oxbridge, and even freakin' Hogwarts will all seem entirely legitimate. America on the other hand tried to be a bastion of fact, science, and justice. Its art emanated from pure and noble revolutionary ideals. Americans seemed to have an antidote to British mind poison, but little by little they were lured back into the horrors of the old world. After engagement in European theatres of war and the subsequent arms race, America's establishment wondered why it need persist with ideals like "all people are created equal", or "send us your homeless and tempest-tossed." The United States now has one of the highest levels of social inequality in the world and unless you're there to shine shoes or pick fruit for peanuts (like modern day serfs) you'll need substantial net worth if you're going to be allowed to live there. No Capital, No Connections, No Entry. The principal lie that seems to have crippled the promise of the Republic is that somehow greed is good. Wall Street adopted this pivotal cornucopian fallacy from royalty. It serves the interests of rapacious oligarchs. They and their British counterparts preach the false gospels of unrestrained development and endless profits as they engineer an obscenely skewed distribution of wealth and abuse our shared finite habitat as if it was just another of their depreciating assets. An embarrassingly pigheaded quest to possess the most money is as close as they get to any kind of spirituality or sense of meaning. Think predestination Supermarket Sweep meets Animal Farm. The Devil is the Prince of Lies, and these royal minions of his are operating with the tacit consent of every person not stupefied by their deceptions or in awe of their inexhaustible grandiosity.

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