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the Trump conundrum

Do nominal Republicans of the Bush era really have their poisoned daggers locked onto Donald Trump's back, or is it theatre to make Americans more comfortable about giving him a second term? There's a risk that it's strategic, but what's the alternative? Whoever God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad, and that applies to anyone planning to vote Democrat in November. Trump does seem to consistently upset the established order, and he is interrupting the pattern of bipartisan corruption that has characterised American politics since Reagan. It isn't Makeover America Great Again. It's more than cosmetic change. This most maligned and misquoted of Presidents does have a tendency to smoke out prodigious irrationality in his critics while attracting highly articulate praise. It is tempting for anyone with a different opinion and a sense of being an outsider themselves to identify with him. The more they hate, the easier it is to relate, and that may be why he seems energised by the vitriol flowing liberally from those he threatens most: People who loathe democracy, and America by association. It explains why British media outlets engage in gratuitous Trump hating. They are the Establishment's voice; a moronic monarchy mantra. The fact they oppose his leadership is a recommendation. The shoddy democracy veneer of the United Kingdom is just a temporary platform from which delusional Britons hope to reboot The Empire with America securely back under the jackboot. Seeing cities in flames gives would-be imperialists a collective rush of anticipation. Too bad for them that the glorified criminal insurgency is most likely only a reaction to the border wall interfering with the flow of narcotics from the south. The real danger for its enemies is that someone might make America great again, not that they won't. A corrupt and hyper-privileged inner circle of the country's Most Greedy have been engineering monolithic income inequality. They will do anything to keep it. If they are allowed to act like royalty, the society will resemble an actual monarchy, or if people agitate for socialist government, they may allow the rich to turn America into the China of the West. Try protesting then. Instead of dismantling the republic they could return to its core principles. That has worked for them in the past. They could protest about the power of lobbyists and the dilution of majority rule, or demand the regulation of financial markets. Out in the streets they could use the Bill of Rights instead of trying to burn it. Even Clinton recognised that there is nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed by what's right with it. Ignore the media. What is wrong with it is obscene income inequality. What's right with it is the potential will of the people to change that. The Trump Presidency may not be the main part of the solution but it's far from being all of the problem.

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