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From the majestic headlines this week we learn that Prince Harry is turning his back on the quiet life he said he wanted. Instead he's in Hollywood leveraging his inherited advantage to secure a one hundred million dollar Netflix contract. That's the way to better deal the Palace. You can take the boy out of the privilege but you can't take the privilege out of the boy. He can dump those fans of his who sense hypocrisy and get new fans in the United States. The same loyalist throwbacks who detest America's revolutionary heritage will be an instant audience. Meanwhile, Prince Andrew is having an audience with His Royal Mumsy to see if she can pull some strings to get him out of the pesky Jeffrey Epstein mess. Jumping juveniles, what's the world coming to if those born to privilege can't do what they want and get off with no questions asked? Turning to the world of economic coercion and we find Lord Sugar berating the commoners to get back to work for the prorogued Empire. There won't need to be any sweetener from His Lordship because it's simply do or die. Actually this time it's do, and increase the risk of people dying. Spread or get COVID-19 for the sake of the over-privileged or they can turn off that trickle of money you pray is dripping down the pike. Remember, greedy misers can tighten the purse strings indefinitely, so chop-chop lickspittles. Ask any Brit what time it is and they'll wipe the soot off their smart phones to reveal that it's still the 1800s. Finally, and with perfect timing, the BBC ideology machine has announced it's restoring the uber-jingoistic Land of Hope and Glory to the Proms. Huzza! As refugees arrive in their thousands on the beaches of this sceptred isle, those of us who believe in republican democracy wish we had somewhere to go where we'd be welcome. If only there was a land of the free that was open to us; one not compromised by a generation significantly afflicted with a royalty fetish and a correspondingly superficial appreciation of the nature of their revolution. Who would worry about Cancel Culture if they didn't know there was a culture to cancel? These people will prefer well connected émigrés. With a bovine mentality they'll instinctively take vipers to their udders.

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