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Joe goes phishing

This week the rationale for making Biden the Democratic presidential nominee is a fraction clearer. During a broadcast Rainbow Joe appeared to forget the year that 9/11 occurred. The only date that is important to him is November 3. That's when he and his cronies can potentially start the influence auction. That sweet lobbyist lucre probably beckons like a cartoon oasis mirage. When he's not struggling to remember facts he's busy corrupting them. His inventiveness may actually make people question whether Thomas Edison invented anything. Joe Biden is the perfect shill for the Democrats because they need to plant the seed of doubt. When people are uncertain they will give others more latitude and be less critical. That's the way Democrats get a proportion of electors locked into their phishing scam. They are actively trying to get their message out to people who have less confidence in their beliefs and opinions. Anyone attracted to the counterfactuals Democrats present will more readily accept their other fictions. Before November Biden will have a lot of voters believing he's a Nigerian Princess. Today, God bless America. Always remember.

Fri, 11 Sep 2020 16:41:54 GMT all posts


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