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Messages about protecting the environment should always be delivered by someone with a jumbo sized carbon footprint. Luckily for the British they have Charles Windsor to tell the press that the climate crisis is a more significant threat than COVID-19. He's also in a position to demand urgent action on global warming because he has the requisite luxury lifestyle funded by taxpayers. Anyone lacking inherited privilege would not be able to nag others to solve problems. Lowly commoners must generate solutions, and that's far less worthy of reward or recognition. The British seem to find it most reassuring if they know that someone referring to himself as a royal, a peer, or sometimes even a dilettante without a meaningless title is on the case. They know nothing qualifies a guy to speak with more authority than his family background and connections. If Brits keep letting hypocrisy hide in plain sight they'll never have to worry about being led by example. In fact, they can take lessons on voting from the A-lister currently known as prince.

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