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After over a quarter of a century of being back in Britain you'd think it would be possible to understand the manners of its people. Evidently not, and that amount of time leads to a suspicion that the definition of polite is improvised according to what they don't like certain types to say, especially colonials. Be warned, Brits will make a scene if anyone draws their attention to hypocrisy in high places. So here goes: Back in March William Windsor was bemoaning a lack of diversity at the BAFTA awards. He said this as a member of an hereditary establishment that is exclusively white. His family's wealth is derived from taxes and they enjoy a monopoly on being the UK's head of state. Next in line for that job, his globetrotting daddy, Charles, has again this month been warning everyone about the environment. It isn't clear what he is doing about it aside from working on an impressive carbon footprint. Allegedly it costs £19,000 for him to go from London to Scotland. Do the math: How much security and how much fuel? This week, Harry Windsor has complained that white people run the world for their own benefit. In the context of the British establishment's kind of white that's reliable testimony. It looks like the Windsor boys are auditioning to be the UK's next top monarch, but the reality is desperate clutching at institutional survival as the monarchy hurtles past absurdity, and nosedives into quantum surrealism. If the British can be oblivious, even wilfully, to the avalanche of hypocrisy freely reported in the media, it's very rude and just not fair that anyone should comment on it. Let silence reign so Britain can stay the same, and one day perchance have an empire again. That seems to be the ambition or the Crown, an institution synonymous with imperialism, would have been dispensed with. Until it is, Britain will sit at the make-believe centre (children's table) of world affairs. Relax. These matters are beneath high-profile critics. Royalty is unworthy of a notable writer's attention unless they're being paid to do PR. The childhood conceptions of simple folk to whom it appeals are therefore unlikely to be disturbed. True democracy and meritocracy under a republic is for grown-ups with triple digit IQs. That's why America has a space program while Britain just has mouldering palaces and a decrepit education system.

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