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Buzz Lightyear is the most complex Toy Story character. His factory settings lead him to think he's on a crucial mission at risk of being compromised by Zurg interference. When it's obvious to him that he's a toy, he's devastated. This invites a question: is he a conspiracy theorist or a believer who has been disillusioned? Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories are deemed by psychologists to be poorly educated and conceited. Their divergent beliefs are supposed to allow them to feel superior. But Buzz doesn't suffer an identity crisis because he thinks he's better than anyone else. He genuinely believed in his programming and has to adapt to reality. That is an important distinction. There is a chasm between those who attack 5G masts on the basis of a celebrity prank and people who have assimilated evidence that the world isn't how they have been told it is. Instead, perhaps psychologists are part of an apparatus that routinely denies narratives unfavourable to establishment interests? Do they attack the credibility of anyone who suggests an alternative interpretation of facts by using the example of people with extreme or untenable beliefs? If you've got the sanctioned qualifications, licences, and salary, do you have an interest in maintaining the status quo? Can you be value neutral if you're dependent on approval and payment in a biased system? You might not get a free lunch if you bite the hand that feeds you. Buzz isn't capable of powered flight but he saves the day because man, that toy can glide.

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