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This is a treatment for Tortoise v Hare 2: The Stealquel. In Act One someone tells Americans to go f*** themselves and many are dumb enough to take it literally. This explains how the Hare is announced the race winner. The Tortoise kept his promises and defended the interests of the majority so his loss lends credence to the possibility of shenanigans. The walking dead had been out to vote and mysterious vans had arrived at polling stations late in the count. In Act Two the Hare Elect makes a statement to the effect that the Obama agenda is back on before he is briskly whisked away from public and press view. The first rule is you do not talk about programs. The people do not deserve to know. Act Three ends with a question: how long before the Hare Party commence the predicted course of hare replacement? What method will be adopted? After 190 years in office the Hare Elect may finally just have to retire, or he could end up being impeached now his influence peddling habits are on the radar. The most extreme option available makes one wonder whether Jackrabbit Kennedy was taken out by his own Hare Party. For all those interested in fair rather than hare races, find some constitutionally viable way to reverse the outcome or prephare for four hareific years.

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