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the Biden kleptocracy

The crime wave masquerading as a revolution rolls on in America. Never have masks seemed more appropriate than when worn by Democrats. The hand-in-the-cookie-jar look in their eyes is accentuated by their veils. Videos of them gyrating in masked “we got away with it" celebrations are just slightly less repugnant than the sight of bootlicking liberal media propagandists abetting the electoral larceny. It is inevitable now that every individual supporting the "steal" may be suspected of being on the China gravy train. The opportunity created by Texas to clear the air and examine evidence of electoral fraud has been dismissed. The Justices, reading the room, have put an end to polarisation, but only by drawing a line in the sand. If people had not chosen a side before, they have now. Division is no longer a live process. Consider America polarised. A great red state heartland will find itself virtually landlocked in the jaws of a blue state coastal vice. Within hours of the Supreme Court's decision there was conflict in Washington that put police and protesters in hospital. Guess unity is redundant if you're preparing to deliver your nation to a tyrannical but selectively generous foreign power. Any coked-up loser can give you millions of reasons to sell-out your country: Weaselly, smirking career politicians and their degenerate progeny are assured of a seat at the kiddies' table of China West. There they will sit like characterless chieftains who sell their people into slavery, transforming a republic of laws into a fiefdom of whores. Trump’s value has been in smoking out threats to democracy. Now the foreign investment in a corrupt political party and its media apparatus can be quantified. His instinct for the truth should compel everyone who values the United States to at least consider his accusations of rigged elections. America during the last forty years of compromised politicians has become the land of the Chinese takeout. In the 90s the stature of the Presidency was taken out. In 2008 the confidence in financial markets was taken out. Now the belief in elections is being taken out. Rejecting illegitimate authority is in America’s DNA. Good luck to Rainbow Joe in breaking the collective spirit of "We the People". While power resides in them, it matters not who pretends to be Commander and Chief. “Forensic auditors find 68% Dominion error rate in one county's votes” follow link: Post #024 Link

Tue, 15 Dec 2020 11:41:30 GMT all posts


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