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twilight of the boomers

The spastic, adolescent turmoil evident in the United States at present is a reflection of how COVID-19 has rudely injected the prospect of mortality into the limited intellectual horizon of a generation who imagined they would live forever. It isn’t just about Biden now. He is legion, for they are many. The escalating infantilism is the primitive escape mechanism of a detestable cohort of slash-and-burn locust-hominid hybrids. If the realisation they will expire cannot be delayed, they will ensure everything is annihilated before they are gone. This is a generation whose experience has predominately been instant gratification. Their mode of artistic expression is waste; their credo is consumerism. They have so much contempt for America’s founding they would rather open the door to socialism than perisist with democracy. This generation’s time-serving congressmen and their kept bootlicker media minions are experts at distraction. They can divert attention from the fatal shooting of a 14 year air force veteran in Congress to their indignation at having been reminded that “we the people” are still out there. Under ageing parasites government is a cargo-cult. Decaying flesh awaits the arrival of lobbyist lucre. It did not seem it was ever going to be possible to be this embarrassed by America until yesterday. As the undignified scramble to be holding the smoking pistol of reconciliation gathers momentum, they ask how anyone dares interfere with “the precious” - THEIR Capitol of corruption. Remember, time is money.

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