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Eloi v Moorlocks

For at least twenty years Internet security has been concerned with the threat of malware. While everyone has been distracted by viruses, trojans and identity theft, Google and Facebook slithered in under the radar. In fact, conventional threats have acted as a round-up. People were driven towards ostensibly safe social media havens. For some people Facebook has become the Internet because it really has everything they need under one trap. What has emerged over the past few years is that social media is controlled by a confederacy of alpha-trolls. While you innocently connect with your friends and family, or participate in interests, their platforms frenetically mine your data. These Moorlocks learn about you by following your online patterns. They can then strategically place the ad bait and have you wander into the snare. While detained in their submerged layer your prolonged attention converts to more ad impressions, and therefore more revenue. While you create content for them for free they exploit you as both a consumer and as another source of data to sell. Luckily the Moorlocks have many weaknesses. They don’t quite get humans, so will make power grabs with all the subtlety of the CCP. For example, they will try and get publicity by censoring a president while alienating a proportion of their users. At the same time they reveal political ambitions connected to the Democrats, who they reasonably believe will endow them with more influence via the Great Reset. They underestimate, however, the value of human will power. By resisting their efforts to get you addicted (literally) to their platforms through the dopamine hit of approval and popularity, you can use the ultimate weapon: the inactive profile. You win by just using social media in moderation. Stick the Moorlocks with unproductive server resources while you use other modes of communication. People can defeat monopolies easily by finding alternatives. Of course if trolls act in concert to disadvantage competing platforms things get more difficult. The nerd super PAC of Amazon, Google and Apple took out Parler, but so what? Lives can still be lived in the real world. People can manage without a virtual one that distorts perceptions in favour of rapacious corporations fixated on the additional profits total cultural hegemony will bring them. Can the Eloi strike back? See the documentary, The Social Dilemma 2020: Post #028 Link

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