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Trumpian cartography

Just when you believe the United States has degenerated into the most nauseating festival of hysteria and hypocrisy it can be, you projectile vomit with so much force that diced carrots breach the atmosphere in seconds. Yes, the inauguration of Biden as America’s 46th President and first secret Chairman actually happened. Watching a head of state ushered in under armed protection while his family is investigated for taking millions from foreign sources wasn’t a lurid waking hallucination. It wasn’t delirium, no matter how much the entertainment line-up was redolent of Springtime for Hitler. The blame for this spectacle, like everything else, belongs to Donald Trump, but only in the sense he has lifted the veil. The decent and law abiding citizens of America owe the man a debt of gratitude for accurately mapping their country’s political landscape. His treatment by opponents has thrown it into shockingly brilliant relief, and has now fixed the character and intelligence of the presumptive majority of Americans under a microscope. Even if the 2020 election had been legitimate, what the press and social media did in suppressing the truth while broadcasting lies was unconscionable. An informed electorate is essential to democracy. Voters need to know who or what they are choosing and why. As it transpires, Russian disinformation was just traditional Democrat disinformation, but the mainstream Press mobilised behind it like the good little payola propagandists they are. Officials constrained to be impartial in executing a President’s agenda felt they were justified in sabotaging it. Meanwhile a lot of Republicans were busy, as usual, drooling over lobbyist “donations“. The reaction to the fracas at the Capitol mirrors the British response to the Boston Tea Party. The country has gone full-circle back to the tyranny of illegitimate rule. As a couple hitherto under the American spell it is time to send a thank you note to the condescending Embassy staff who refused our visas ten years ago. Time to realise that exclusion from paradise is both honorific and fortuitous. Time to get off the ride. The legacies of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln, Poe, Lovecraft, Jim Morrison, and Hunter S Thompson are the takeaways. Shove the political perfectionism. (The deliberately impossible standards are way past mere correctness now, admit it.) Some of us can’t make the cut. We’re only human and prone to error. We own that we have faults. The idealised America of myth has been transformed in the imagination from somewhere it would be a privilege to live into a nightmare to avoid even as a stopover. Fortunately we’re not welcome, and as people who'd try to enter legally we'd stand no chance. The United States is a republic of laws no more. Thanks to Trump’s brilliant map we know to head in any other direction, giving North America a wide berth. Besides, how long will there be a Mount Vernon or Monticello to visit? A nation that apologises for its revolutionaries isn’t fit to benefit from their sacrifices. After the disputed election some protesters in Minneapolis were photographed carrying a banner stating “America is Over”. While this epitaph may not prove to be true, it is finally possible to be over America.

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