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Dirty British Tricks

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Did any country get to have an empire by being honest and fair? If Britain is typical the answer is definitely no. It is mystifying how this backward little kingdom ever managed to get control over another country, let alone a third of the world. If you live here, you have to be incredulous it was ever possible. The only way to explain it is that the Normans hit the jackpot when they landed on an island full of Anglo-Saxons prepared to do their bidding. They'd go to new continents, meet new people, and kill them for a tyrant calling himself a "King". Below is a list of the top fifteen dirty tricks the British Establishment still uses. Like anything else they attempt, these tactics are not original.

  1. Divide and conquer. The British pulled this number all over the globe. Generate horizontal and vertical divisions in a society with race, socio-economic status, ethnicity, family background - the list is protracted. Never imagine there is one conception of white in Britain. It's still the Establishment's go‐to trick even if they only get to use it at home now.
  2. Royal Lives Matter Most. They don't think they're better than black people. They cannot be so deluded or deranged that they think they're better than anyone. It's what you believe that's important to them. You'll only treat these very ordinary people like they are preternaturally gifted if you are groomed from infancy to do so or you get fooled by social proof (see next point).
  3. We all kneel together. Usually referred to as social proof, it is heavy conspiratorial conformity. Exemplified by the apparent mass submission to a monarchy: "We're oppressed. You should be too."
  4. The Trojan Horse. The reality you'll get is different from the wrapper. In other words, what they try and get you to believe is pure horse pucky. Exemplified by noblesse oblige.
  5. The ever spinning reel. The perpetual replication of royal culture maintains Establishment privilege while negating invention or change. On days the media doesn't publish 20 positive stories about the Windsors it feels like they've slipped up.
  6. Finger pointing. The Establishment's media draws attention to every other culture or nation while conveniently ignoring any evil in Perfect Little Britain.
  7. Stiff upper lip. They're economical with emotional display so that when it is used, it has more impact. Exemplified by feigned indignation on being fact checked.
  8. Sweeping under the carpet. The absence of Establishment accountability and deflection of blame to, you guessed it, anyone else.
  9. Turning a Blind Eye. See no evil, providing you benefit from it, or are so stupefied by injustice you just believe you benefit. In a rigged game you sure as hell don't want to believe things could be worse.
  10. The cloak of invisibility. They say one thing while doing another but pretend not to notice when people "see through them."
  11. Buy two, get two you don't want. Accept elections and parliament. Get monarchy and the Lords.
  12. Piggy in the middle. Quasi‐judicial or other government agencies pass a complaint back and forth until the complainant realises he is being played, or gets bored and goes away.
  13. Make you shorter by a head. They'll aim for your brain if you get off the royal train. Logic and reason are not friends to the Establishment and must be eradicated.
  14. Bootlicking bonanza. You're no-one till someone connects you. There's only one way to make that happen if you can't afford to buy influence.
  15. Nip it in the bud. They never allow a viable starting point to any kind of opposition they can't buy off.

That'll do. It's not an exhaustive list. One day maybe the other fifty will be added, including the unified division of powers. While an ideology is effective in pacifying the masses it will attract investment. Britain's brand of social injustice remains a going concern. If you don't like it, Champion Spine Film.

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