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U Turn (1997)


The setting for U Turn is a small town on the arid margins of the American Dream. In this desolate landscape the bones of affection, loyalty, trust, and honesty lie in the sand, having been picked clean by random scavengers. If there is anything of value left to be had here, it will not be easy pickings.

Former tennis coach Bobby Cooper is on his way to Los Angeles to pay a sizable gambling debt to Russian emigre gangsters. The latter have taken a down payment from Cooper in the form of two fingers from his left hand. He risks losing more if he does not deliver. On his way through the desert in Arizona the radiator hose in his '64 Mustang bursts, and Bobby's only recourse from overheating is a former mining town nearby called Superior. It is populated by some avaricious and decidedly sedentary characters.

The first he meets is the conniving garage mechanic, Darrell, a man as adapted to the environment as any desert predator. His opportunistic nature is typical of most denizens of Superior that Bobby meets. Even the blind, mendicant shaman he meets in the town lies about the cause of his disability to enhance contributions to his begging bowl. Risk and double-dealing begin to follow him everywhere in the town.

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Directed by Oliver Stone

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