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If filmmakers respect audience sensibilities, they will be concerned about quality. That means having a decent script and acting talent. Adequate camera equipment and lenses will also be needed. There are additional costs like releases and location hire. Can you help SpineFilm to produce a quality feature length film? Reasons you should help

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Donor in Sheringham, Norfolk
Novatach PC Tower with an Intel Core i5-3570K and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. RAM and a sound card were purchased so this will probably be enough to edit UHD material. Thank you.
Donor in Baconsthorpe, Norfolk
Two collapsible Fositan Softboxes with Edison screw sockets for continuous lighting, and stands. Thank you
Donor in Little Plumstead, Norfolk
High‐backed Corsair Gaming Chair. Comfortable addition to the editing desk. Thanks.
Donor in Norwich, Norfolk 3
Paterson TL3200K lamp with Edison screw socket for continuous lighting, stand, two white diffuser brollies, and a reflector. Thanks very much.
Donor in Fakenham, Norfolk
Portable white Fins 50 x 50 inch Simplex Screen background or reflector. Thanks.
Donor in Mattishall, Norfolk
Ariston Mini Speakers. An addition to the editing desk. Thank you Jeff.
Donor in Sculthorpe, Norfolk
Lowepro and Centon holster style camera bags. Thank you.
Donor in Norwich, Norfolk 2
HP Pavilion 23xi Monitor. Welcome addition to the editing desk. Thank you both.
Donor in Norwich, Norfolk 1
Creative I‐Trigue 2.1 3300 Speaker. Nice addition to the editing desk. Thanks.

★ ★ ★

films for freedom

The British people are conditioned to see the country they inhabit as perfect and complete. Agitation for reform is construed by a lot of them as tilting at windmills. So it was surprising that in late 2021 the mainstream media published survey results indicating that the majority of British adults under 25 are sceptical about the British constitution and form of government. Over 60 percent of those who responded were in favour of change. Is it the increasing international embarrassment that is leading young adults to think about the future?

The British have a proven commitment to democracy. Tolerating unelected authority seems like a contradiction. It may be the result of internalising a mind‐numbing array of double standards and non‐sequiturs. Hereditary leadership cheerfully co‐exists with democracy. Enforced deference is perfectly paired with deserved respect. Nepotism and competition share a maisonette in Kensington. Convention and written law don't know where one of them ends, and the other begins. This is the tip of the iceberg, and we're in steerage class on the Titanic.

Australia's constitutional crisis of 1976 was ignited when the governor general used the reserve prerogative powers* footnote to dismiss the country's prime minister. It is ironic given that year was America's Bicentennial. One former colony was embarrassed as a virtual dependency while the other went relentlessly forward as a free democracy. Elections invite scrutiny; succession casts a veil. A democratic presidency requires voters to exercise a conscious choice; succession is a fait accompli.

Most of the virtues and benefits of full democracy are self-evident. It is an imperfect solution to the problem of how a society can be organised, but it has features that make it arguably the best system conceived to date. In particular, there are checks and balances through a genuine division of powers, and the people of a real democracy elect all their representatives, including their head of state. Everyone is eligible to be a candidate for that leadership role, not just a particular member of one family. The majority determines who represents their nation at all levels of government. Most importantly there is an element of competition between candidates to formulate viable ideas or strategies for the use of a country's resources. Problematic lobbying aside, their duty is only to the people.

What many of the talented and gifted people of this country could contribute will remain a mystery under present conditions. The voices advocating reform have been whispers compared to the loud proclamations of those who enforce the status quo. What new ideas and concepts are suppressed if the endless rehearsal of antiquated dogma is predictably rewarded? Why should anyone try to create a culture of idealism and social justice if their words will be ignored?

The ideals of democracy inform SpineFilm's projects, but it's a case of what to leave out of a script rather than what to include. British films are already replete with enough political content, ideology, and symbolism to last another millennium. The aim is to raise £2000 to make a feature length film that charts a course closer to the truth. At time of writing a start has been made and any more progress towards the total will be reported in The Spinal Column blog.

* For the list of powers please access a copy of the Prerogative Powers of the Crown that was downloaded in April 2022 (opens new window or tab).

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