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Many types of work can be considered but not every job. Some events and specialist services (like aerial or underwater photography) are outside the scope of expertise. You will be advised quickly if it is not possible to help but the user or buyer must be independently satisfied of the suitability of Spine Film as a supplier. That includes an express acceptance that Spine Film offers no insurance or cover for any failure. If recording of an event or other subject matter cannot be repeated, or is in any other way ephemeral, transient, or impermanent the work must be referred to an alternative supplier. Failure to disclose the critical or sensitive nature of any work or uses for products negates the requirement for best endeavours and nullifies any arrangement for supply.

Best endeavours

The standard of commitment to the successful completion of any work or the delivery of any product is best endeavours. Work carried out or products sold may be unfit for some purposes or fall below the expectations of the user or buyer. The user or buyer should be aware that remedies are limited as described below.


In the event work is deemed to be unsatisfactory the remedy available is to repeat the service(s) or replace the product(s) paid for. The remedy available thereafter is limited to a refund of the amount paid for said service(s) or product(s). Other forms of compensation are outside the intention of these terms of work.


It is an essential condition of payment for the services or products of Spine Film that it is intended and agreed that the conduct of the work and everything done in connection therewith shall exclude the creation of any legal relationship, rights, duties or consequences whatsoever. The arrangement is not intended to be legally enforceable or the subject of litigation, but all such arrangements, agreements and transactions are binding in honour only.

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