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Late June and early July is a good time of year to binge watch TURN: Washington's Spies. This superlative historical drama series charts the course of America's War of Independence through the microcosm of a Patriot spy ring. The plots often involve General Washington's conception of providence. His usage of the term seemed to signify that a just cause arising from appeals to reason would allow his army to prevail, especially when the enemy's belief system was compromised by irrational beliefs. In other words, facts are more powerful than fiction. While Patriot leaders had to prove themselves, British commanders relied on family background to convince they were predestined to lead. For at least 3000 years since the Akkadian Empire a successsion of world autocrats have wanted exactly that - for their lineage to be seen as superior and born to rule. Washington and the other Founding Fathers set an example for all humanity when they rejected that belief system. If you're planning to pull down statues of them, people the world over may object. It could be better to persist with the revolutionary momentum for equality and justice they started than reinvent the wheel as a triangle. If you incrementally vote away your democracy for socialism you can't just vote it back.

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