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Anyone attending industry seminars and conferences in favour of automobile manufacturing, forever chemicals, plastics, fossil fuels, nuclear waste, or fracking has the opportunity to practice some End of the World gallows humour. On their identity stickers or badges they could use names like Abe Pockaliptz, Ahmed Geddon, or Kate A Clissum. Then they wouldn't need to scan the heavens for meteorites that will bring about the end of times, they'd just look at their fellow delegates. Now that we've fired God, humanity is picking up the wrath slack. To see the face of potential global destruction all anyone needs to do is look in a mirror. Are we going to be our own extinction level event? The grim reaper is preparing to gatecrash the party and he won't observe social distancing. The one step ahead thinkers who got us into this can't get us out. If they could shut up for a minute it's time to grudgingly defer to those unpopular visionaries who can see more than five moves ahead. Not everyone will like what they prescribe but it'll be their way or the doomsday.

Sun, 23 Aug 2020 10:45:18 GMT all posts


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