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anti-tax to anti-vax

At this time of year some people will be thinking about what is arguably the most important event in history. Yes, there's the birth of Jesus to reflect upon, but it's also time to celebrate how Washington and his army crossed the Delaware at Christmas in 1776. They had a decisive victory in the Battle of Trenton the next day. This relatively bloodless stroke of military genius set a precedent for the ultimate success of the new Republic. Ingenuity coupled with stoicism would win the day. So it is with customary American defiance that Sarah Palin has announced that she would rather die than have the COVID vaccine. This is spirit to cherish rather than mock. While masks and distancing may be effective and reasonable measures, coercing people to be vaccinated when the result falls a long way short of sterilising immunity is to be regarded with suspicion. This is especially true when you don't know how many of the establishment figures advocating vaccination have shares in Pfizer or other relevant pharmaceutical companies. There may be a good case for vaccinating only the most vulnerable so that highly vulnerable people in other countries can have better access to the jabs. According to multiple respected scientific journals, vaccination will not stop anyone getting COVID or passing it on. There is also a growing consensus that natural immunity is 27 times more effective than COVID vaccines. What we need to be vaccinated against is the infectious conformity that sustains the British establishment. Their goal is mass obedience and the maintenance of cultural hegemony. The Sons of Liberty began resistance to British tyranny and violence with protest. A revolutionary movement grew as a response to injustice and oppression. Part of that was opposition to taxation without representation. Maybe a sense of freedom can emanate from the anti-vaccination protests in London. But has the "anti-vax" point been made now? Is it time to stay home and stay safe? He who stands and goes away will be back to stand another day. Next time perhaps for the cause of a British republic. It's Christmas - a time for optimistic wishes.

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