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If you're planning to make a a case for monarchy it will be too small to build it with nano technology. Your audience won't be able to see it, even with an electron microscope. The number of bytes used to type it will actually be a negative number. That said, at the top of your list will be tourism. Yes, people do want to see the freakish time warp Britain is frozen in. They want to experience a bizarre, infantile, Disneyesque dystopia. In other words, this is the kind of tourism a country can do without. Visitor reactions are wilfully misconstrued as admiration when it's more likely to be amused disbelief, or worse, schadenfreude. The second act in your masquerade will be about stability, but that only exists for the wealthy and the titled. For many of the remainder, there can be no stability in poverty and debt. The only people outside the inner circle who can speak with conviction in favour of monarchy or hereditary aristocracy are those who benefit from analogous principles. This includes people who enjoy illegitimate rewards from nepotism, inheritance, the old boy's network, other affective connections, and those who believe devoutly in failing upwards. In Britain, that'd be a roll call longer than the Sins of Freck.

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