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The British press has reported that a coalition of black and indigenous groups in the Caribbean is requesting slavery reparations from the United Kingdom after Kate and William's recent tour. There is a suggestion that this development could mean the monarch ceases to be head of state in Jamaica, Belize and The Bahamas. However there is no cause for alarm because William has stated that it's okay for these countries to become republics. This cheap sideshow reverse psychology and text book example of paternalism is a rare slip in The Palace smoke and mirrors show. Britain was purpose built by rapacious conquerors to be an engine of plunder. Their culture legitimated greed and conquest. Today we willingly venerate the remnants of the giant Imperial combine that grew from the original terror. The Empire caused suffering and death and loss and pain to millions in this island and especially abroad. Those people whose forebears experienced brutal colonisation have a natural right to erase every trace of Britain and the Crown from their polities and histories. They don't need permission. Nor do the British themselves require leave to rid their country of a parasitic institution but, for the moment, this is a nation without collective shame. The agony of waking from the fairytale cover story has been deferred. Greed remains good while it benefits the majority. It's still a question of what you can get away with. The symbols must be retained, even while it's becoming progressively more obvious that they are associated with exploitation, inequality, violence, oppression, and unjust enrichment. The next royal expedition is eagerly awaited. Why not tag Andrew into the stellar line-up of barnstorming troupers? Hell, how much worse could that make it?

Sun, 03 Apr 2022 12:56:12 GMT all posts


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