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ten years an outcast

Controversy surrounded the 2022 Oscars. The biggest shock was that even after The King's Speech won Best Picture eleven years ago, people are still acting like the awards have credibility. In 2002 A Beautiful Mind won best picture. A film of unmistakable artistry, it took its audience on an excursion through the compromised psyche of a genius. That is qualitatively very different from celebrating the elocution lessons of the overprivileged. How quickly things change. As requirements for films to qualify increase exponentially it's important to remember what Dan O'Bannon said: art has no rules. The Academy is also assuming a judicial function, sentencing Will Smith to ten years of banishment from its events. If this is a precedent maybe a host can do us all a favour and deliver a joke that will make Ricky Gervais take a swing. The award for being a poor man's Christopher Guest goes to...

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