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During the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, there were calls for reparations for slavery to be paid by the United States Government. While a conciliatory process that includes an element of restorative justice makes sense, is the question of who should pay more complicated? Ultimately the people of the American colonies had slavery imposed on them by the British Empire. Although some of those colonies retained a system of forced labour after achieving statehood, the source of the poison was Britain. Wherever the Empire invaded a predictably corrupt value system and echoes of racial supremacy have been left behind. As Britain has retained most of the symbols and institutions associated with its colonial past, is it legitimate to enquire whether the Crown and Royal Family are liable? The descendants of all those people who endured slavery (and Native Americans?) could perhaps consider joining the coalition of black and indigenous groups in the Caribbean presently agitating for reparations from the Crown. The Royal Family has deep pockets - wealth and land beyond what most people realise. That has been partially funded by slavery. If they will not issue so much as an apology the implication is that they believe what happened was legitimate, and that the thinking remains the same. While a racially exclusive institution that presided over attrocities in a global area on which the sun never set is continuing unabashed, they should probably be compelled to ante-up. While you're at it, given the extent of the landholding, maybe they can arrange for the restoration of ancient woodlands here themselves. If they don't cut the nagging people will realise it's all they ever do. More, more, more; the mantra of those bred in captivity for the purpose of making miserly greed appear to be acceptable.

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