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Who needs a holiday or a street party when a story is an early Jubilee gift? Tom Cruise has been credited with stating that the Queen's reign of 70 years is an "historic achievement." Could there be anyone better to endorse monarchy than a doyen of Scientology? Is he better dealing that crowd because their beliefs weren't irrational enough for him? Putting that aside for a moment, it is possible to feel the highest degree of empathy for the incumbent monarch. Did she have a reasonable chance to decline the role she was born to? She may have experienced consistent luxury in her life, but probably not the luxury to question the institution she represents. The actor's formula of words is a giant faux pas for the usually impeccable Palace PR machine, because it invites the question about what achievement is. Can it be an achievement to inherit? Those who call themselves royalty and aristocrats better hope it doesn't mean that, otherwise it requires that we ask whether it is an achievement to inherit disadvantage. If a child's parents can give their children very little advantage, does that mean the kids are not achievers? Would the answer be different if the children inherited obscene advantage? If someone inherits the deeds to a thousand acres of prime London property is that his or her achievement? By way of contrast, what will we call inventions, or works of art, or great scholarship? Ultimately you ask whether it means inheritance or whether it necessarily implies effort. As Albert Ellis cautioned, it's never just semantics, it is all semantics. Even British English cannot stretch to accommodate both those interpretations. Time serving in high-profile positions acquired through family connection might be admired in Britain, but most Americans would know better. Way to go, Maverick. We're all counting on you.

Mon, 16 May 2022 11:50:55 GMT all posts


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