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Personal experience suggests there is a line with the British that, once crossed, allows no return. It takes a lot to pierce that boundary, so will royalty ever go One's step beyond? You'd think the episode with Epstein and Andrew would be enough to push the Brits over the border of their tolerance, apathy, conformity, hypnotic trance - or whatever it is that subdues them - but most remain inadvertent lickspittles. It might be that the British are just afraid of themselves, and what they might accomplish if ever they awoke from the royal spell. It is possible however that a statistically significant new group is emerging who don't support or follow the Royal family. They have better quality distractions than that. The British press report that the approaching weekend will witness millions of Britons escaping the Jubilee cringe-athon for breaks abroad. They ain't staying for the party, your magnificences. Aside from obdurate pockets in certain communities where it is inevitable, the tsunami of bunting anyone may have expected is more like a ripple on a pond. The festival of bootlicking the establishment was counting on isn't the sell-out hit they hoped for, but some press coverage is sure to try and make it seem like one.

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