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To mark the Platinum Jubilee as many as 1400 beacons were set ablaze by local councils across the country. This is fitting for three reasons. Firstly it's insulting to anyone vaguely concerned with the environment. All those things you've done lately to try and reduce your carbon footprint have been wiped out. It typifies the royal attitude to global warming: Being careful is for others. They can take dozens of flights, ride in giant limousines, have multiple palatial residences, and at the same time tell us how everything we do is damaging their quality of life. Secondly it's a monumental waste of time, effort, and any fuel that went up in smoke. The fires are still an appropriately grandiose collective gesture to nonentities because waste is the royal signature. Lastly this hideous event stands for a massive burn on a minority of the British, who are once again being duped by hired cheerleaders to line up like Union Jack bedecked sleep-walkers. Anecdotally, if the local bunting deficit is anything to go by, this anniversary was only a CGI success. Images are either closely framed, or any crowds must have been frantically cloned in to photos and videos. Has Palace PR finally graduated to using Hollywood level smoke and mirrors? Seems possible, given how close the royals are to the Uncle Toms (Cruise and Hanks). Some will stoop to lending genuine talent and celebrity to talentless pseudo-celebrities; people famous for being famous. On that basis Adam McKay might as well direct Love Island, but royalty is the original and worst reality show. If you think all this is uncharitable, you are correct, but someone has to rain on the parade. Otherwise the parades dignify this reign, and the next, ad infinitum.

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