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Is it difficult to imagine what the world looks like to those who grow up on the gravy train? Would the perspective they develop result in having great compassion and philanthropic intentions, or would they just be taught to fake those in public? At the pinnacle of British society, in the rarified atmosphere of the Palace, are a family who experience only luxury and plenty. What can they tell us about deprivation? One would think it both polite and wise for them to remain silent on issues of social justice, wouldn't one? However the Windsors are commenting with sufficient frequency for us to have a shot every time they do. Either Palace PR is in meltdown, deliberately engaged in sabotage, or the Princes are on a frolic of their own (possibly against advice). Walk across the border between Kensington and Shepherd's Bush in London and you will witness segregation. The two districts illustrate the contrast between poverty and hereditary privilege. All the social issues that royal personages want to weigh in on are unlikely to affect them. All they do is nag and point the finger. Do we need an expensive and embarrassing institution that serves to distract us from the real problems? One of those problems is them, and people like them. You only need royalty if you can take advantage of the example, and you only need monarchy if you are beneficiary of the system. That includes anyone who acquires wealth or influence through family connection. In reality, "royals" are the same as anyone else. They are just an example of ordinary people being treated as if they were preternaturally gifted. That has wide appeal because who wouldn't like that kind of gig? Do we enjoy it vicariously despite our circumstances? Is that how it slithers under the radar? If the people who describe themselves as royalty want to make a statement they can give away the nonsense titles. More significantly they can give away their inherited riches to the poor. They can open their many residences to genuine refugees, and the homeless. That, however, is neither their mission, nor their purpose. They must be an absolute and unequivocal example of the miserly greed that is threatening to once again steer Britain into a recession. Then again, why believe someone who by now is paralytic? Being drunk on greed is better because someone else gets the hangover.

Sat, 11 Jun 2022 11:17:59 GMT all posts


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