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Are you looking for a project to support? Everyone who sets out to make a film is interested in quality. That means having a good script and acting talent. It also depends on having good camera equipment and lenses. There are numerous additional costs like releases and location hire. Please help Spine Film to produce a quality feature film and additional content for this website by contributing any amount you can.

If you identify with the spirit of the material, please be a Spine Film champion. Here's what you can have:

  1. To say thanks to everyone who conrtibutes up to £100 there are cute critter or quick quote badges to use on social media.
  2. If your sponsorship is £100 (or more up to £500) your name will appear in the benefactor and talent honor roll.
  3. Sponsors contributing £500 (or more up to £1000) also get a Spine Film Angel profile (entry with photo and a link).
  4. Sponsorship of £1000 (or more up to £3000) attracts all the above, and a patron profile page. If a film is in production you will also get a special thanks credit.

get your reward

If you are not sent to the badges or to set up your entries after paying get in contact.


Other ways you can help Spine Film:

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