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royal soap Oprah

Britain’s Royal family have one collective purpose. One job. They inherit. Not only is this indisputably talentless family the most visible example for the inheritance of wealth, privilege, and influence, but one of its members ultimately succeeds to the role of Britain’s head of state. How hard can it be to absorb that much hereditary good fortune? If someone wants to hand out money, land, and power without reference to merit, most people would have the ability to look good while receiving those advantages. This present royal cohort can’t even serve the purposes of traditional injustice without attracting negative international attention. They manage to fail at being a template for illegitimate enrichment, a task that requires only modest intelligence and effort. However, any bad publicity can be transformed into good press. The Palace PR team has managed to perform with customary genius in getting the Windsors international coverage while they expertly deflect accusations of racism. Monarchy and aristocracy continue to hide in plain sight as inherently prejudiced institutions. It was clear that Meghan Markle would be deemed to lack the pedigree to enter the rarified atmosphere atop Britain’s “order of races”, but not only is she considered to be of mixed race, she is labelled a commoner, and worse, a “colonial”. Her situation illustrates Byzantine social division - horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. Monarchy and aristocracy are synonymous with exclusion on the basis of lineage and background. The Royal Family are seemingly invulnerable doyens of genuine white privilege. In Britain there are multiple classes of white ethnicity, few of which qualify a person to belong to the establishment, and some of which guarantee poverty, generation after generation. The juxtaposition of this with the UK’s equality laws is one of many uniquely British contradictions. One law for the masses that the few tower above. For a people so adamant about democracy the persistence with constitutional monarchy is a more obvious non-sequitur. Britons have demonstrated the maturity to adhere to the outcome of a referendum that was decided with a narrow majority, but tolerate an unelected head of state with reserve powers, and an unelected chamber in Westminster that can frustrate the intent of elected representatives. Loyalty is an exquisite virtue, and British people have been loyal to the Crown to the extent that they will habitually betray each other. That contradiction must end. People deserve better. As for Meghan and Harry, if they recognise that British Royalty is incontovertibly pernicious, why keep the titles? Wouldn’t it be a stronger gesture to ditch the vestments of unjust advantage, or is it too much to expect the "nobility" to be noble in this whirlpool of contradiction? Guess it's pick and mix; a veritable hypocrite's buffet.

Sun, 14 Mar 2021 13:15:02 GMT post menu

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The Royal Bootlicker

Recently the quest for increased site traffic lead to the idea of rebranding this blog as "The Royal Bootlicker". Every post would hype up royal virtues, convincing readers that these ordinary humans are really special super-beings, worthy of everyone's attention by virtue of being born into privilege and influence. It’s a viable strategy because people all over the world are already mesmerised by royalty. Some even profess they love royal figures with the entirety of their hearts when they have never met a royal personage, and probably never will. Impressionable types are prime targets for click through. There are many kinds of snake oil products they would probably buy, and advertising revenue would flood in. Problem is every media outlet in the world is already doing this. It’s a saturated marketplace. Have you seen the British papers?

Thu, 25 Feb 2021 17:05:13 GMT post menu

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boundless opportunity

Question: What do you call a country with open borders? Answer: Land. (Donald return home. All is forgiven.)

Thu, 21 Jan 2021 12:14:13 GMT post menu

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Trumpian cartography

Just when you believe the United States has degenerated into the most nauseating festival of hysteria and hypocrisy it can be, you projectile vomit with astonishing violence. Yes, the inauguration of Biden as America’s 46th President actually happened. Watching a head of state ushered in under armed protection while his family is investigated for taking millions from foreign sources wasn’t a lurid waking hallucination. It wasn't a broadcast from the developing world. It wasn’t delirium, no matter how much the entertainment line-up was redolent of Springtime for Hitler. The blame for this spectacle, like everything else, belongs to Donald Trump, but only in the sense he has drawn an accurate map of his country’s political landscape. The decent and law abiding citizens of America owe the man a debt of gratitude for that. His treatment by opponents has thrown the Swamp into starkly brilliant relief, and has now fixed the character and intelligence of the presumptive majority of Americans under a microscope. If the 2020 election was legitimate, what the press and social media did was not. Suppressing the truth while broadcasting lies was unconscionable. An informed electorate is essential to democracy. Voters need to know who or what they are choosing and why. As it transpires, Russian disinformation was just traditional Democrat disinformation, but the mainstream Press mobilised behind it like the good little payola propagandists they are. Officials constrained to be impartial in executing a President’s agenda felt they were justified in sabotaging it. Meanwhile a lot of Republicans were busy, as usual, drooling over lobbyist “donations“. The reaction to the fracas at the Capitol mirrors the British response to the Boston Tea Party. The country has gone full-circle back to the tyranny of illegitimate rule. As a couple hitherto under the American spell it is time to send a thank you note to the condescending Embassy staff who refused our visas ten years ago. Time to realise that exclusion from paradise is both honorific and fortuitous. Time to get off the ride. The legacies of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln, Poe, Lovecraft, Jim Morrison, and Hunter S Thompson are the takeaways. Shove the political perfectionism. (The deliberately impossible standards are way past mere correctness now, admit it.) Some of us can’t make the cut. We’re only human and prone to error. We own that we have faults. The idealised America of myth has been transformed in the imagination from somewhere it would be a privilege to live into a nightmare to avoid even as a stopover. Fortunately we’re not welcome, and as people who'd try to enter legally we'd stand no chance. The United States is a republic of laws no more. Thanks to Trump’s brilliant map we know to head in any other direction, giving North America a wide berth. Besides, how long will there be a Mount Vernon or Monticello to visit? A nation that apologises for its revolutionaries isn’t fit to benefit from their sacrifices. After the disputed election some protesters in Minneapolis were photographed carrying a banner stating “America is Over”. While this epitaph may not prove to be true, it is finally possible to be over America.

Wed, 20 Jan 2021 19:06:43 GMT post menu

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defeating big tech

Sometimes writers develop interesting plot twists. One of the best is in the sci-fi thriller Independence Day. In that film humans are resisting an alien invasion. They prevent the aliens intercepting messages by resorting to Morse Code. Sometimes going backward a couple of steps helps us find a better way to move forward. Before social media most people created websites which they therefore owned. Sites were portable between hosting services. By contrast if you invest in creating a profile on a social media account you give a corporation control of your content and Web presence. You can be shadow banned, removed, or in the case of Parler, lose access to your profile completely. Back in the day there was a simple technology called a web ring. People could choose to link their websites together. With the programming and infrastructure resources available now, if people had a convenient and affordable way to set up a profile they continuously owned, they could choose different networks to join it to or remove it from at will. These networks of associated and like-minded folks could enjoy a degree of uniform functionality similar to what social media offers under the protection of open source code. No-one would own the networks and moderation could be by elected regulators under an agreed legal framework. This is only an outline, and the obstacles could be many, but there must be a better way for people to have a voice than through the filter of corporate greed, bias, and caprice.

Thu, 14 Jan 2021 12:31:43 GMT post menu

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Eloi v Moorlocks

For at least twenty years Internet security has been concerned with the threat of malware. While everyone has been distracted by viruses, trojans and identity theft, Google and Facebook slithered in under the radar. In fact, conventional threats have acted as a round-up. People were driven towards ostensibly safe social media havens. For some people Facebook has become the Internet because it really has everything they need under one trap. What has emerged over the past few years is that social media is controlled by a confederacy of alpha-trolls. While you innocently connect with your friends and family, or participate in interests, their platforms frenetically mine your data. These Moorlocks learn about you by following your online patterns. They can then strategically place the ad bait and have you wander into the snare. While detained in their submerged layer your prolonged attention converts to more ad impressions, and therefore more revenue. While you create content for them for free they exploit you as both a consumer and as another source of data to sell. Luckily the Moorlocks have many weaknesses. They don’t quite get humans, so will make power grabs with all the subtlety of the CCP. For example, they will try and get publicity by censoring a president while alienating a proportion of their users. At the same time they reveal political ambitions connected to the Democrats, who they reasonably believe will endow them with more influence via the Great Reset. They underestimate, however, the value of human will power. By resisting their efforts to get you addicted (literally) to their platforms through the dopamine hit of approval and popularity, you can use the ultimate weapon: the inactive profile. You win by just using social media in moderation. Stick the Moorlocks with unproductive server resources while you use other modes of communication. People can defeat monopolies easily by finding alternatives. Of course if trolls act in concert to disadvantage competing platforms things get more difficult. The nerd super PAC of Amazon, Google and Apple took out Parler, but so what? Lives can still be lived in the real world. People can manage without a virtual one that distorts perceptions in favour of rapacious corporations fixated on the additional profits total cultural hegemony will bring them. Can the Eloi strike back? See the documentary, The Social Dilemma 2020: Post #028 Link

Mon, 11 Jan 2021 11:11:04 GMT post menu

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a pensive occasion

The press reports that Mike Pence will be at Biden’s inauguration. Guess he’s just “following the Constitution”. Will he sit with Mitt Romney? Will they hold hands? Way below the fold there's a footnote to stories about an unstable president intent on nuking the world in a fit of pique: A federal excessive force investigation into the death of Ashli Babbitt has finally been announced.

Sun, 10 Jan 2021 09:36:27 GMT post menu

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twilight of the boomers

The spastic, adolescent turmoil evident in the United States at present is a reflection of how COVID-19 has rudely injected the prospect of mortality into the limited intellectual horizon of a generation who imagined they would live forever. It isn’t just about Biden now. He is legion, for they are many. The escalating infantilism is the primitive escape mechanism of a detestable cohort of slash-and-burn locust-hominid hybrids. If the realisation they will expire cannot be delayed, they will ensure everything is annihilated before they are gone. This is a generation whose experience has predominately been instant gratification. Their mode of artistic expression is waste; their credo is consumerism. They have so much contempt for America’s founding they would rather open the door to socialism than perisist with democracy. This generation’s time-serving congressmen and their kept bootlicker media minions are experts at distraction. They can divert attention from the fatal shooting of a 14 year air force veteran in Congress to their indignation at having been reminded that “we the people” are still out there. Under ageing parasites government is a cargo-cult. Decaying flesh awaits the arrival of lobbyist lucre. It did not seem it was ever going to be possible to be this embarrassed by America until yesterday. As the undignified scramble to be holding the smoking pistol of reconciliation gathers momentum, they ask how anyone dares interfere with “the precious” - THEIR Capitol of corruption. Remember, time is money.

Fri, 08 Jan 2021 11:40:42 GMT post menu

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straight from the horse's ass

Joe Biden was questioned yesterday about whether the stories surrounding Hunter's foreign business deals are Russian disinformation. Replying in the affirmative he then called the reporter who had the temerity to ask a "one-horse pony". Maybe he meant one-trick pony, or maybe he prefers that ponies have at least two horses. Perhaps he was just musing on the election being a one-horse race he managed to scupper? It's okay, the gaffe is no big deal. Everyone expects a jackass to construe things in purely equine terms, but most people will draw the line at accepting that it is legitimately the next president. The majority of Republicans, and even a few Democrats, have too much horse sense to swallow that much manure. Watch here: Post #025 Link

Wed, 23 Dec 2020 14:43:02 GMT post menu

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the Biden kleptocracy

The crime wave masquerading as a revolution rolls on in America. Never have masks seemed more appropriate than when worn by Democrats. The hand-in-the-cookie-jar look in their eyes is accentuated by their veils. Videos of them gyrating in masked “we got away with it" celebrations are just slightly less repugnant than the sight of bootlicking liberal media propagandists abetting the electoral larceny. It is inevitable now that every individual supporting the "steal" may be suspected of being on the China gravy train. The opportunity created by Texas to clear the air and examine evidence of electoral fraud has been dismissed. The Justices, reading the room, have put an end to polarisation, but only by drawing a line in the sand. If people had not chosen a side before, they have now. Division is no longer a live process. Consider America polarised. A great red state heartland will find itself virtually landlocked in the jaws of a blue state coastal vice. Within hours of the Supreme Court's decision there was conflict in Washington that put police and protesters in hospital. Guess unity is redundant if you're preparing to deliver your nation to a tyrannical but selectively generous foreign power. Any coked-up loser can give you millions of reasons to sell-out your country: Weaselly, smirking career politicians and their degenerate progeny are assured of a seat at the kiddies' table of China West. There they will sit like characterless chieftains who sell their people into slavery, transforming a republic of laws into a fiefdom of whores. Trump’s value has been in smoking out threats to democracy. Now the foreign investment in a corrupt political party and its media apparatus can be quantified. His instinct for the truth should compel everyone who values the United States to at least consider his accusations of rigged elections. America during the last forty years of compromised politicians has become the land of the Chinese takeout. In the 90s the stature of the Presidency was taken out. In 2008 the confidence in financial markets was taken out. Now the belief in elections is being taken out. Rejecting illegitimate authority is in America’s DNA. Good luck to Rainbow Joe in breaking the collective spirit of "We the People". While power resides in them, it matters not who pretends to be Commander and Chief. “Forensic auditors find 68% Dominion error rate in one county's votes” follow link: Post #024 Link

Tue, 15 Dec 2020 11:41:30 GMT post menu

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