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Keeping Enemies Closer

President Trump

It was announced yesterday that President Trump is set to meet with Britain’s Prime Minister to discuss the possibility of making it easier for British people to work in America. It may be the right moment to draw attention to what most Britons inevitably take with them when they travel abroad - irrational beliefs.

Almost everyone born in the United Kingdom is groomed from infancy to accept monarchy and aristocracy. Those outside the connected, ethnically distinct inner circle, are defined as commoner subjects, and are considered to be of less worth from the moment they are conceived. Their life-chances are automatically and arbitrarily determined at that instant. The distinctly better life chances of those born to privilege are also determined at the time of conception. This archaic deception of patrician versus plebeian birth informs almost everything the British think, express, and do.

In putting the United Kingdom at the top of his list for international partnerships the President may be keeping friends close and enemies closer. That could be the best case scenario where the UK is concerned until Americans decide to address the issues generated by close association. The "special relationship" will always be problematic for the United States, because its apparent intimacy with a dormant empire sends mixed signals to the people of other countries, many of which suffered under British rule.

Donald Trump's opening comments at his Presidential inauguration were about reversing the trend of an establishment putting its interests above those of the majority. If these statements are to be credible, he needs to reconcile them with America's ostensible affinity with Britain, because its establishment has a blatantly entrenched tradition of doing exactly that, unapologetically.

Americans think they know the British as valued allies, but do they ever wonder how a former enemy achieves that status? Why is it the people of the United States, especially its leaders, are so comfortable with titles and institutions America's revolutionaries opposed so vehemently?

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