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Fight Club (1999)

Graffiti of Edward Norton in Viladecans, Catalonia, Spain ispired by the film Fight Club

This film could be dismissed as a buddy adventure movie if Fight Club was not also a heavy hitting critique of what can be a degrading cycle of work and consumption in modern market economies. Capitalism is given a standing eight count in the film but was there a more suitable target for its combination of jabs and uppercuts?

The narrator (hereafter "Jack") works as an accident investigator for a major car manufacturer. His job requires that he play a disturbing part in questionable corporate practices, and he uses the distraction of home shopping to help him cope. In trying to create the optimum condo interior by purchasing furniture from catalogs, he is trying to buy into a belief system that can be easily dismantled. He cannot acquire a sense of purpose through his choice of decor, and his preoccupation is ineffectual escapism from the harsher reality of his existence. While corporation executives may not always act with a conscience, Jack is incrementally tortured by his. He has been privy to the ruthless expedience of commercial imperatives, and this eventually gives him a nagging cause for concern. Something is wrong with his life that the pursuit of consumer durables cannot rectify. He is about to wake from his mail order coma.

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Directed by David Fincher

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