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Cartomancy is a 34 second film to demonstrate the new Lumix s5 and DaVinci Resolve workflow. We had a pack of cards and a candle. This is their story.

SpineFilm video services

SpineFilm offers video production and editing services. Other specialisations include the creation of subtitles or closed captions, sourcing stock material, scriptwriting, and publishing on platforms like Vimeo. Compositing and special effect work is also available. You can contact SpineFilm now.

Who needs a video?

It does not matter if you are established or aspiring ‐ videos that show you at your best are a key asset in unlocking work. Motion can demonstrate your poise and presence.
The right facial expressions or gestures can work magic. Make sure everyone can see that in your promotional videos.
If you are comfortable in front of the camera or an audience, let that shine in a video showreel. Look the part.
guest speakers
If you are available to lecture or speak to an audience then create a good impression with potential clients. Audio samples and video can give you the edge.
It is all about the sound but what about the stage performance?
The goods you make can benefit from representation and demonstration in videos.
You made it. Now get videos to give your prospective buyers and admirers a sense of texture, colour, and form.
The experience of a performance is unique and distinctive. Videos of it are usually just the next best thing. Let your future patrons or admirers get an impression of your work when and where you cannot perform.
The value of how‐to videos can add value to your portfolio and website. Let people see your skills.

Contact SpineFilm now to start an exchange about video services. Prefer to talk? Just include your number in the message.

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