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A script for The Devil’s Command was written during the summer of 2015. The next year was spent making all these short films. Two Mini-DV camcorders, already a decade old, were purchased cheaply on ebay and used with improvised or available lighting. The films are examples of guerrilla filmmaking to varying degrees. The takeaway from the experience is that there has to be a better process. Since then, time has been devoted to learning as much as possible about the art of making films on a low budget, but there is no escaping the need for adequate finance. Watching these little films it is obvious what could be improved. The plan is to apply the lessons and an adequate budget to a feature length film. To help with that objective please support Spine Film.

shooting a scene for The Devil's Command 2016

guerilla filmmaking:

Shooting quickly with only a few props, the essential crew or equipment, and mostly on location without permission (before anyone realises what's happening).

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