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As William and Kate sat court-side yesterday at an NBA game in Boston they were booed by what the British press has called "small pockets" of the crowd. When the couple were introduced by an announcer and shown on the big screen the crowd loudly chanted "USA, USA". Wait. Is that you America? Good to see you again. Glad you're back. What some vocalise, more will believe, but be too polite to express. The question is what does this level of international embarrassment cost British subjects? How much is the British public purse depleted so that this degree of humiliation can be indulged in? Let's hope they publish those figures on a cost per cringe basis because as a nation we must ensure we are getting the least value for our tax pounds as the cost of living spirals upwards. Monarchy treats people as if they are both stupid and weak. It can be pretty effective in getting them to act that way. An image published of William looking at a basketball resembles a creepy and super-effete alien contemplating an instrument of human diversion to see if it can be weaponised against us. It's the pure banality of the arrogance that is so tedious. They don't represent the British people, just a racist institution guilty of crimes against humanity. "Royals" are lucky they are nonentities in The United States, or they may not have been let off so lightly. Remember: It's Boston. This is a salute to its sons and daughters of Liberty.

Thu, 01 Dec 2022 17:20:19 GMT post menu

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quiet riot

The Chineke! Orchestra performed at the Lucerne Festival in Switzerland during the mourning period of Elizabeth Windsor but refused to play God Save The King. They correctly declined on the basis that the anthem is synonymous with the traditional racism of the British Empire. This hit a bum note with Tories because the orchestra receives public funding. One has been quoted as complaining that if they "are not prepared to respect Britain and great British institutions like the Royal Family, they should stop taking public funds." If state support for artists is tied to a specific political message or ideology, doesn't that reduce them to mere propagandists? If taking public money means you have to support a racist and autocratic institution, is the British state guilty of the same oppressive methods used by totalitarian regimes? Loyalists are usually so careful about this kind of admission. Have they forgotten that silence is golden? In the case of Chineke! a judicious omission is quadruple platinum. The hits keep right on coming.

Sun, 09 Oct 2022 17:02:11 GMT post menu

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a big break

The Welsh government has set up a constitutional commission. Part of its agenda is making preparations for the break-up of the United Kingdom. Both Scotland and Wales are prepared to leave the Union because they feel "disrespected" by Westminster, but that's something of a euphemism. A simple lack of respect would be an improvement. The Scottish, Welsh, and anyone else outside the ethnic enclave of the British establishment are actually considered to be lesser beings. This applies to all the people of Northern Ireland, both nationalist and unionist, Catholic and Protestant. It applies to Americans, still derided as colonials 250 years after independence. It applies to those Britons whose forebears were on the wrong side of the Conquest, and anyone who has migrated (or will migrate) to join them. Britain's ruling oligarchy has been perfecting prejudice for its entire history. There is always something to discriminate against, or some motive to treat outsiders as inferior. That's their deal. It's the extent of their monotonously negative imaginations. They are devoted to formulating reasons to exclude people rather than to acknowledge their gifts. Nothing you learn, or invent, or do will be recognised unless you also assimilate the nonsense of establishment race supremacy, symbolised by the white hereditary aristocracy and whiter than white monarchy. The British Empire was a paradigm of hate, injustice, racism, destruction, exploitation, torture, genocide, and perversion. Can it leave a healthy legacy? While its residual institutions and mechanisms of subjection continue to function, Britain is doomed to have those toxins in its national bloodstream. Any forced union of coutries under a banner of discrimination is a prescription for conflict and resentment. If the break-up helps bring an end to that, a people divided could forever be united.

Wed, 21 Sep 2022 12:59:43 GMT post menu

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walk of shame

If you drink alcohol its chemicals increase dopamine production. Initially you'll feel relaxed with fewer inhibitions, but the rewarding link between alcohol and this feel-good neurotransmitter is temporary. The brain simply adjusts to release less of it. Drinkers try to cheat this balancing mechanism by having more booze. This is similar to what could be called the joys of monarchy. From an early age all Britons are groomed to believe in the Crown. They are introduced to it in fairy tales and encouraged to see the king or queen as the perfect parental figure. As they age the messages are reinforced through multiple channels, but at some stage reality makes an appearance. Maybe there will be a story in the press that leads them to question their conditioning for a moment. They then have to try and cheat the balancing mechanism with more fervent belief in the storybook world of their indoctrination. The press assists the process with its cycle of contradiction. They publish a negative story about royalty, then rush to restore its stature with a puff-piece. This is continual, and intended to illustrate that despite obvious flaws and wrongdoing, the monarchy is a permanent fact of life. The sense of contradiction can only be eased with self-delusion, but there is always the subliminal worry that something is wrong. The most potent force that supports belief in monarchy is that the individual suspects how bad they will feel if they don't keep drinking the royal Kool Aid. It is called cognitive emotive dissonance, and it occurs when there is a disconnection between beliefs and reality. People will work hard to maintain the false ideas because accepting facts can create a sense of psychological discomfort. It's like a walk of shame: The sensation of having done something while drunk that you regret when sober. Without the drug of monarchy you experience withdrawal-like symptoms for your old beliefs. It's difficult to change an attitude like that because it will have the comforting force of habit that is the result of childhood conditioning. Trying to live with falsehoods is much easier, and that is what maintains the loyalism. Millions of people may believe something. It still does not make it true. They once thought you could sail off the edge of the world but that never happened. If you can change your thoughts and become a republican, few things are more desultory or wretched than addressing a problem that can hide in plain sight. The deception of monarchy is something you wake with each day. While it often seems like a fool's errand to oppose it, the intensely positive benefit is that there is no turning back. It is true liberation from a tyranny over your mind. Few things are better or a greater relief. The ugly morning after gives way to a brilliant dawn, tempered only by an awareness of the task ahead.

Mon, 19 Sep 2022 14:15:11 GMT post menu

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ritual humiliation

Since human sacrifice has been proscribed by law, the most primitive ritual you will be able to witness is a coronation. This is an absurd crowning ceremony intended to reinforce the antiquated notion that leadership can be transferred from parent to offspring. In other words, this is about the principle of succession, and it is vital to the British establishment. If the masses will accept it for their head of state, they will accept the extension of the principle to every profession and position of influence. That's why this show must go on. The bizarre ritual must be performed to ensure the grubby baton of mediocrity and corruption passes from one generation of the overprivileged to the next. Merit and effort are worthless under this system. It makes virtues of ignorance and stupidity. Family and connection are ascendant despite the inevitable waste and inefficiency. If this was a good social system would we be facing certain ecological ruin? Would there be child poverty? Would there be a housing shortage? Would there be a cost of living crisis? Would there be so much greed, conflict, injustice and racism? All societies that favour inheritance over competition are doomed to failure, and sadly the United States has fallen under the British spell in the post-war era. The gap between the poorest and richest in America now mirrors the canyon of inequality in this soon to be disunited kingdom. The smaller the distinction between those with the most and those with the least, the more advanced and progressive a country is. Massive disparity in wealth is proof that a society is on a one-way comet back to the dark ages, skipping the Renaissance and collecting pandemics on the way. It's arguable that Britain never left the 1300s. Impulses like greed and hate overwhelm reason. Superstition is pervasive. A double rainbow over Buckingham Palace or a cloud formation that allegedly resembles Elizabeth Windsor can be reported as credible proof of the validity of the Crown rather than as an embarrassing outbreak of hysteria. Millions will watch in a stupefied trance as the coronation ritual unfolds, but not a majority. It is risky to voice an opinion contrary to Establishment propaganda, so remain outwardly compliant while declaring a personal republic. Monarchy is a lullaby that puts reason to sleep. You only require the kiss of freedom to wake from that poisonous nightmare. Step one is to ignore the loyalist media and think for yourself.

Thu, 15 Sep 2022 14:10:17 GMT post menu

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