product images in Norfolk

Product photography near Holt, East Anglia.

Some bread rolls baked and photographed in Norfolk
Janus masks carved from wood
An orange capsicum pepper on a white background
Wood sculpture showing grain and texture

your creations captured

Whether you design and make them, or have them made from your designs, your creations deserve attention. A good photo can be a reasonable substitute for the actual object when you are trying to inspire interest online, in the media, or through printed materials. Surfaces can be reflective, or otherwise difficult to capture, so lighting is critical. The final pictures must often motivate acquisitions, hire arrangements, or an exhibition. At other times the images must serve as archive entries. SpineFilm can capture images of products, craftwork, artwork, sculptures, artefacts, or trade installations at almost any Norfolk location.

Who needs product photos?

The goods you make cannot be on show everywhere at all times. Representation in images can be a useful alternative online or in print.
You made it. Now get photos to promote it. Give your prospective buyers and admirers a sense of texture, colour, and form in pictures.
The experience of a piece is unique and distinctive. Images of it are usually just the next best thing. Let your future patrons or admirers get an impression of your work through pictures when and where you cannot exhibit.
Get an accurate record of exhibits and pieces for archive purposes or websites. SpineFilm promises best endeavours to capture true colours and details.
The value of before‐and‐after images on any job cannot be underestimated as a record and an addition to your portfolio. Let people see why they should use your service.

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